Remember the 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake. Pray for Japan
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20140101 [Other]


2014 is the year of the horse in Chinese Zodiac.
I drew a unicorn.
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Business card [Other]


I did production in a business card the other day.
It is made of an instant film. And i mailed it.
I think to be in the exhibtion hall of Tokyo it.

The open exhibition of now holding.

SAKURA Exhibition 2013 in TOKYO_Gallery CORSO

桜 SAKURA Exhibition 2013
Sponsoring: hyacca
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Merry Christmas'08 ver.02 [Other]

Akira draws the personification picture of the blog pet with a good sense.
It applies for the mini character project picture of "sole e luna".
And Aiz were drawn. ※ Akira's Blog ‘sole e luna’.


The picture drawn 28 people in all is a masterpiece.
And the picture of one person was drawn.

AIZ X-mas 08

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Merry Christmas'08 [Other]

It was a blog of illustrator toki and there was model recruitment of the
project picture of Christmas the other day.
And, my blog pet's AIZ applied for it and it drew.


The picture and the composition are very wonderful.
AIZ is drawn on a right edge.


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Thanks [Other]


"WAGANANA OYAJI NO SILVER KOUBO" blog that makes accessories
from the silver clay handmade.

It applied for the present project of Christmas and it got.
It is a cell phone strap of a very small, lovely cat.

Thank you or wonderful present.
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Thanks [Other]

It is blog Golden Days where a comic animated cartoon game topic and a soft
again wonderful illustration.I got jsut 1000nice! that blog.
I got unexpected my japanese version blog pet personified Livly Aiz illustration.

to Liddell
Thank you so much for the wonderful illustration.

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